$25.00 Non-Refundable application fee * dogs listed for adoption on Facebook page 1st may not be listed on website

The non-refundable application fee is $25. 

  • An approved application will remain active for 6 months and can be re-activated, at 6 month intervals, for up to 18 months from the date of the original approval.  After this time, a new application must be submitted.
  • Please read additional adoption requirements under WHY US     
  • App fee by check with application or venmo only. sign up for venmo online if you do not have an account already

Our venmo name is    coastalrescue 

* If we receive your application without your application fee you will be denied without review be sure to pay by venmo before mailing your application or by check with application.

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Coastal Dogs Looking for Love

Applications and Adoption information


  • COASTAL is active in Virginia, North & South  Carolina, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware, and parts of south central Pennsylvania, NJ and eastern West Virginia. 



  • Please read how to apply section & additional adoption guideline before submitting an application.  Please allow us 2 to 4 weeks to process your application.  

We require a non-refundable $25.00 application fee that must be paid before we will review your application. 

We have Venmo for payments


 A home visit is required

  • After your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to visit your family.  All family members and anyone else living in the home MUST be present for this home visit.
  • We will contact your personal and/or veterinarian references as part of the approval process.

How long will an approved application stay active?

  • An approved application will remain active for 6 months and can be re-activated, at 6 month intervals, for up to 18 months from the date of the original approval.  After this time, a new application must be submitted.
  • All animals in the home must be current on vaccinations, heartworm tests, and are on heartworm preventative.
  • children in home must be no less than 5 at time of applications ( proof of age may be required)


Finding the Right Dog

  • When you contact a foster home about a particular dog, a telephone interview may be conducted, and then arrangements may be made for you to meet and discuss the dog in more detail.
  • We suggest you look for a dog that matches your lifestyle and has the personality characteristics you desire, rather than limiting yourself to a particular gender and/or age.
  • We evaluate the temperament, activity level, and needs of each dog to determine the most suitable type of adoptive home for the dog.  Dogs are placed with the home that best meets the dog’s needs, NOT on a “first come, first served” basis.
  • The final adoption decision is made by the foster home, based on COASTALS' guidelines and the assessment of the needs of the dog in question.
  • It is not possible to estimate how long it will take for you to find “just the right COASTAL DOG,” but the broader the range you consider, the faster you will find a wonderful Coastal dog.

Vaccinations and spay/neuter

  • All dogs are current on vaccinations, heartworm tests, and are on heartworm preventative.
  • All dogs are spayed or neutered before being made available for adoption.


  • All dogs adopted from must be microchipped.
  • If not microchipped prior to adoption, arrangements must be made within three months to meet with an available COASTAL microchip volunteer, or the dog can be brought to an adoption day, to have this done.
  • The adoption will not be considered final until this requirement is met.
  • The microchip is permanently registered to COASTAL so please let us know if any of your contact information changes.

The adoption fee

  • The adoption fee must be paid at the time of adoption.
  • Fees are based on the age of the dog and help to offset the rising costs of medical care. Currently the average cost to Coastal  is in excess of $750.00.
  • A portion of each Adoption Fee is tax deductible:
  • For Sheltie's, Collies, full breed dogs or highly sought after mixes and Doodles
    • Less than 16 months old -$550 ($350 is tax deductible)
    • 16 months to 4 years of age – $450 ($350 is tax deductible)
    • 5 through 7 years of age – $400 ($250 is tax deductible)
    • 8 to 10 years and older – $300 ($275 is tax deductible)
    • 11 years and older – $175 ($150 is tax deductible)

    • For Mixed Breeds 
    • Less than 4 years of age – $350 ($350 is tax deductible)
    • 4 through 9 years of age – $250 ($250 is tax deductible)
    • 9 years and older – $150 ($150 is tax deductible)

Fees are subject to change please ask should you have questions.

*If at anytime in the adoption process you attempt to haggle or ask to lower the fee for the adoption price set for the dog you applied for or have been advised about you will no longer be eligible to adopt.

Formalized training for some dogs

  • Some dogs may be required to attend a formalized obedience class within 4 weeks of being adopted.
  • If obedience training is required, a $50.00 course deposit must be paid at the time of adoption.
  • When the obedience course has been completed, please send your Certificate of Completion to COASTAL, PO Box 56162, Virginia Beach, VA 23456.  Please include the dog’s COASTAL ID number on the certificate.  A refund of the deposit will be mailed to you.


  • We will contact you after your COASTAL dog has been adopted to ensure things are going smoothly with the new addition to your family.
  • We encourage you to get in touch with us at any time if you have questions or concerns about your rescued Coastal Fur Kid.


Before you make the commitment to adopt a herding dog, we would like you to consider that owning a dog is a big responsibility and one that you should be prepared to honor for the life of the dog.  The average life span is 12-14 years.  Collies are large active dogs, weighing 60 to 90 pounds, and often display puppy-like behavior until they are 3 or more years old. Shelties' herd and bark at even butterflies.  They are active family dogs who need attention, exercise, and training throughout most of their lives, but they are intelligent loving dogs who respond well to direction.  All herding dogs shed and require regular grooming.You should be prepared to care for the needs of your dog throughout his or her life.  You can expect to pay an average of $1500 yearly to give your Coastal Dog the proper care.  This does not include the cost of a serious medical problem. An advantage in choosing to adopt a rescued dog is that you can be matched to a dog that fits your family’s lifestyle, and some dogs require much less attention than others.  Many of our dogs are already well-trained and can easily transition to a new home. If you’re ready to adopt a COASTAL dog, the information on this page will guide you through the process.  

Files coming soon.


 The Fee can be paid by Venmo  


or by mailing a check to us with your application ( no longer taking paypal for application fee's due to the paypal charges we incur)

Please note $25.00 application fee will be verified before we call or talk to your vet or move forward. If you are set on a certain dog please email and ask if that dog is pending adoption. If we receive any part of your application not filled out your application is not valid.

please keep and scan a copy for your own records. you may scan us a copy but we will need an original in the mail.