Help pay for dental for Penny

 Poor little Penny, she has a massive abscess in her mouth that came pouring out of her cheek when the vet investigates the scabs on her face. The abscess has eaten through her cheek. 😢She will need emergency surgery on her mouth to remove several pre-molars and upper molars. The double ear infection and unwelcome tapeworms are just a few issues. She is now on antibiotics & pain medication. Her good life starts now. Her mommy must have been sick a long time before she passed away. 😢
If you would like to help with her medical bill that would be greatly appreciated. 

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Donate dog treats


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Each dog that we take in loves to get treats. We typically go through a lot treats per month. Some favorite treats are milo's kitchen and pig ears.

$20.00 buys 2 medium size bags of treats


Donate to help with Medical visit


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This sweet sheltie named Annie was starved and taken from a hording situation. We where able to save her life by rescuing her and finding her a wonderful Foster family.

$50.00 covers the office visit